S means (known only by Mohawks): When you go out into life's struggles, you will encounter many obstacles. You must prepare yourself by making your heart strong.
O means Obedient: Have respect for authority. Obedience is a virtue which carries on safely through life's journey. Therefore, continue constantly to practice obedience to your superiors. Remember, "An obedient man returns with victory in life's struggles."
A means Ambitious: Experience teaches us that industrious men who love their work and are perseverant in their pursuit of advancement almost invariably reach the top rung of the ladder, the ladder of success. (Note: Years back, this "A" meant Amiable.)
N mean Noble: Take courage and show thyself a man. Have noble thoughts and desires. Remember, "He is never alone who is accompanied by noble thoughts."
G means Gentle: Be gentle and kind. Kindness adds sweetness to everything. It is the overflowing of ourselves upon others. A kind man is genial, is sympathetic, is brave. Remember, "Kind words are the music of the world."
E means Earnest: Have an earnest desire in life. Be sincere with everyone. Have a firm will. A firm will underlines a good and strong character, and the lack of it must contribute to unhappiness and misery along life's path.
T means Truthful: Exercise care with the tongue. Do not deceive with cleverly constructed words. Be honest. Wrong no man. Truth is a pearl of great value. Do not let it slip away from you.
A means Affable: Be happy and gay. The most manifold sign of wisdom is centered on cheerfulness. Enjoy life. Keep a merry heart. It will pay you big dividends.
H means Honorable: Honor is the brightest of all gems, and no earthly good can compensate for its loss. Guard it well. "For what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his honor?"
A means Always: Always stronghearted in the battles of life. Always contented with the lot that is given to us. Always merry and always giving the best we have to the world.